More than 18 million people journey with a mood disorder — anxiety, depression or some combination of both. It’s one of the MAIN reasons that bring people to therapy.

The tragic pain of this journey is the ensnaring energy of self-limiting, repetitive, habitual cognitive activity like:

  • Ruminations

  • Injunctions

  • Catastrophic thinking

  • Overgeneralization

  • Emotional reasoning

  • Jumping to conclusions

  • …and more.

These cognitive activities become habitual and entangle our clients in distorting world views that influence their choices and inform their lives. Many of us experience this from time to time in one form or another.

Monica found her way to AAIT™ after YEARS of treatment for depression. She’d tried traditional talk therapy, CBT, DBT and EMDR. As we discussed cognitive distortions, Monica challenged me. She shared how pathologizing she found that language to be. As a university professor, precision with language mattered. From her point of view, most people engage in limited thinking from time to time. 

Those who journey with mood disorders simply do it more frequently with more ferocity. Monica and I agreed that what we are talking about is thinking that distorts our experience. With this shared understanding, she agreed to engage in regular practice at home to untangle from this habitual thinking. To her own surprise, she did just that and manages to keep herself out of the weeds.

You may be like MANY practitioners who have tried CBT and other means of addressing distorting thinking. You’ve probably read articles, gotten supervision and taken workshops to try to figure out how to better HELP your clients. And, still, they suffer. And you long for INSPIRATION.

Maybe you’ve gotten ensnared in the back and forth of trying to help your clients look at the “situation” more rationally, to little avail. It’s disappointing, for you and them. Been there.

Using Acceptance and Integration Training® to help your clients reclaim their state and untangle from self-limiting cognitive activity will set you apart as the GO TO person in your community for this effective and empowering approach to providing immediate relief from the very thoughts and cognitive activity that keeps people ankle-chained to their mood disorder. 

Beyond being able to help your clients, after our course, you will be able to use EVERYTHING you do to help your clients to help yourself. 


You and your clients can keep trying the familiar strategies with the same results.

What I LOVE about sharing this course with you is: 

  • How empowering it is for us and our clients when we learn RELIABLE ways of untangling from the pain of distorting thinking.

  • As you and your clients practice, the habits become less habitual.

  • Liberating our clients from the tangled chains of self-limiting thinking.

Most of us are busy and still we want to continue learning, EVOLVING as our profession evolves. In this course, we’ll be able to do just that:

  • Our virtual meetings will make it easy for us to gather, learn and PRACTICE.

  • Our private online learning community will provide a means for you to receive troubleshooting support and guidance as you practice. 

  • Step by step instructions will help ensure you can use what you are learning to effect PROFOUND change for you and your clients.

Most of us have been to a weekend workshop or taken some course only to find when we try to actually IMPLEMENT what we’ve learned, we encounter all kinds of problems and our clients continue to suffer. This course is designed to SHORTCUT this by giving you the support you need to USE what you learn.

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • How to teach your clients to EASILY recognize self-limiting cognitive activity. You’ve surely encountered how when clients are bound in negative and limited thinking how REAL it feels to them. Teaching clients to recognize when a thought path is distorting their perception can help FREE them from the influence of such thinking.

  • End of Words – this technique is a surprisingly effective and simple means of untangling from ruminative and other types of distorting thinking. As your clients learn to explore the good and bad of a particular thought pattern, they discover a path through the tangleweeds of their limited thinking.

  • Universal Process – this method is a reliable means of helping clients disrupt catastrophic thinking, negative outlooks and more. Strategically oscillating between opposites will support you and your clients in entering a more spacious inner state.

  • Verbal Reduction and Expansion – this structured journaling method helps clients re-organize their thinking and get back to the present when they’ve wandered into regrets about the past and worries about the future.

If you want to fall in love with your work again and get RELIABLE results …


If you just KNOW your clients don’t have to SUFFER with distorting thinking …


If your clients continually get tangled up in mental weeds …



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