We have created an introductory guide and video series to help you begin learning what AAIT™ is about and how it can be used to enhance your personal and professional practice.


Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT) is an approach to alleviating psychological pain while contributing to spiritual wellbeing. It is free of the imposed narratives of traditional therapies and is designed to efficiently resolve clients’ presenting problems while supporting them in the cultivation of inner steadiness.


I am Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W. I began practicing psychotherapy in 1984. After more than three decades of devoted practice and study, I developed this leading edge approach. AAIT™ is the synthesis of my dedicated study with master therapists coupled with my decades-long interest and contemplation of non-dual philosophy.


One of my mentors, Zivorad Slavinski, developed PEAT Processing, which stands for prime energy activation and transcendence. For what we are doing in PEAT is activating the primary energies of an experience and in a strategic fashion, transcending them. Slavinski has developed many other spiritual technologies that are grounded in rich spiritual teachings as well as solid psychotherapeutic principles.


Self Acceptance Training (SAT) is the work of my mentor, Dick Olney. Dick defined SAT as the practice of experiencing yourself in any given moment without the inhibition of self criticism, self evaluation and self judgment.