Help people shift identification from the conditioned self to the true self.

Acceptance and Integration Training® reveals a path and paradigm for curating a spacious inner state, facilitating real freedom for you and your clients. These states foster making more conscious choices about how we want to be, what we want to feel and what we want to think as we navigate life’s challenges.

Ease suffering with an approach and methodology that quickly and reliably releases clients from their problems while contributing to their spiritual wellbeing, illuminating higher states of consciousness.
Engage clients with easy-to-learn embodiment tools that help them transcend the stressors of daily living while becoming established in steadier states of being, free from reactivity.
Energize your experience of practicing psychotherapy, coach or pastoral counseling as you learn to liberate yourself and clients from tethered pain, clearing the way to inner freedom.
In more traditional approaches, we explore life’s pains and choices through the lens of the narratives (real and imagined) around which we shape our lives.


Or we try to promote change with mindful awareness or cognitive restructuring.

Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT) begins with the understanding that the real self is more than an object, more than the sum of stories and idealized self images. Our real self is a being.

Yet, tethered to the charged pain of thoughts, images, emotions and sensations (TIES) associated with our problems, we tend to perpetuate unhealthy choices driven by that pain.

Our clients come to us cloaked in the veils of their wounds and traumas, their unmet needs and defeated goals. They reach out for support. They want to feel better, quickly. With AAIT™, we can help them realize their goal. We can help them feel better, quickly.

Using a strategic approach alongside reliable change tools, we empower our clients (and ourselves) to get free of tethered tension and align with the real self, a being who has an awareness of itself beyond the current dramas in which it feels entrapped.

This is a leading edge approach I developed based on my more than three decades of practice and dedicated study with master therapists, primarily Dick Olney and Zivorad Slavinski.

AAIT™ is the formation of this study coupled with my decades long interest and contemplation of nondual philosophy.


The Cornerstone of Recovery wrote a great review about AAIT. Click here to see what they had to say!

“I have been studying with Melanie and benefiting from her guidance since March of 2016. AAIT has benefitted me personally by helping me in ways that aren’t always easy to describe, but one way I feel it is as if the “wrinkles” in my self-foundation are being smoothed out. I have been steadily becoming more settled and comfortable with myself, strong and consistent in my self care, and more transparent about my vulnerabilities.” -Sara Rider, L.C.S.W.

“I am feeling more confident including Mindset in EVERY meeting no matter what. I have never been able to get through this much information with a person before, and it’s incredible.” -Lauren Startup, Mindset Coach

“Professionally, this has started and accelerated my career.” –Flo Paquet, MSW

“I am able to observe more in life and my own reactions. This is everything! I now have a set of tools that helps repair moments when they happen instead of “festering” into events that are not necessary nor useful.” -Brandy Lopez

“I have tools to take better control over my emotional well being. I am more relaxed and my patience with others is better because of shadow integration. I am able to check myself and decide how I will respond in moments of stress.
I have more control over my well being.” –Bobby McNamara, L.C.S.W.


Below you will find a presentation offered at the 2020 Psychiatric Symposium.