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Inevitably the stressors and demands of life accumulate and inhibit our capacity for joy, peace and love.
Taking the time to pause, restore and refresh ourselves can re-infuse life with a sweet presence of being. 

Join us for a retreat into Presence.

Nourished by the beauty of east Tennessee, good company, nutritious meals (veg and non-veg), along with practical teachings, we will explore PRESENCE with mindfulness and integration practices. 

Our days will unfold in an easy flow of mindfulness and embodiment practices exploring and integrating polarities related to time. No experience is necessary.

Gentle movement will tend to our bodies while lectures on mindfulness and non-dualism will inspire and intrigue our minds.

Our nights will offer warmth from the riverside campfire and the glow of our souls holding the promise of PRESENCE.

Mindfulness manifests through non-judgmental present focused attention. Cultivation of mindful awareness will be a foundational practice for the weekend.

Integration is widely recognized as essential to living WHOLE. Such integration can be a doorway into the spacious inner territory of non-dual open awareness. These guided integration experiences, woven with mindfulness promise to nurture our souls and inspire our hearts.

We will gather at the Wellbeing Retreat Center, nestled along the Powell River in scenic Northeast Tennessee. The Wellbeing Retreat Center offers comfortable accommodations and ample meeting space that inspires an awareness of silence and simplicity. Surrounded by nature, we will have access to a labyrinth, riverside pavilion, fire pit, hiking and beauty at every turn.

Can you read these words without being somewhere else?

Join the mailing list to find out about upcoming retreats


Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W. is an award-winning author, psychotherapist, and the founder of Acceptance and Integration Therapy (AAIT™). After three plus decades practicing psychotherapy, she developed AAIT™. This promising transpersonal approach is the formation of her dedicated study with master therapists coupled with a multi-decade meditation practice and contemplation of nondual philosophy. 

David Patterson, Ph.D. is a UMASS Center for Mindfulness Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher with a daily meditation practice of more than a quarter century. He has taught mindfulness and meditation practices to a number of populations in a wide array of settings. As an aspiring non-dualist and empirically informed humanist, the primary teaching focus of David’s 28-year academic career has been on clinical social work practice. 

Along with AAIT™ and mindfulness, your schedule will include the movement offerings:

  • Gentle Yoga with David Patterson

  • NIA with Elizabeth Cole of Speak, Move, Thrive: Based on the intelligent design of the body, a classic Nia class is a barefoot, sensory-based, cardio movement class to music. Nia helps us weave these powerful teachings into the fabric and rhythm of your every day life.

WHAT: NOURISHING PRESENCE with Mindfulness and Acceptance and Integration Training