AAIT Mastery happens with diligent practice, study and consultations with other master practitioners. With additional training and learning modules we enhance our skills in offering embodiment practice, knowing what method to use when, and how to seamlessly slide between them.

The Transformative Power of Emptiness

Discovering emptiness as a mechanism for change will inform your creative use off AAIT. Emptiness, sunyata, is often described as spacious open awareness. This awareness is free of the inhibition of thoughts, images, emotions and sensations.

With the strategic application of a variety of integration methods, we come to recognize the value of this spacious open awareness. Moreover, we learn to use it for personal and spiritual evolution, resolving old problems and releasing old identifications. This liberates us to actively engage in shifting identification from the false limited self to the real self, the essence of our being.

You will answer the fundamental gnostic questions of:

  • Who am I?
  • Who is another human being?
  • What am I?
  • What is life?

We do this through the Gnostic Intensive.

In addition to the Gnostic Intensive, you will explore the emptiness of sunyata through the Sunyata Seminar. In this experiential seminar, we explore emptiness through a series of contemplation exercises that gives you a glimpse (or even more than a glimpse) into this transcendent state of Awareness.

Due to the layering of psychological pain, we do not typically stabilize in these transcendent states right away. However, the value of experiencing them clarifies the influence of automatic triggers and ego states AND makes it easier to release these triggers through integration.

As we untether from charged emotional and mental energy, we encounter an inner spaciousness, emptiness.

“When the pot is broken, the space within it is absorbed in the infinite space and becomes undifferentiated. When the mind becomes pure, I do not perceive any difference between the mind and the supreme Being.”
~ Avadhuta Gita

In this course, you will learn Aspectics. Aspectics was developed by Slavinski and leans into the understanding that problems are associated with a goal. Further, the psyche doesn’t know the difference between a goal that has been realized in imagination and a goal that has been realized in the manifest world. 

In Aspectics we use this understanding to our advantage and resolve problems while leading clients to a transcendent state of awareness.

You will also be guided on an experiential journey, the Gnostic Intensive. The goal of the Gnostic Intensive is for you to answer, experientially, fundamental life questions such as “who am I?” “what am I?” “who are others?” and “What is life?”

Finally, through a series of guided contemplation exercises, most encounter true emptiness, Sunyata. For many, experiencing the power of empty, open awareness is transformative as life takes on new meaning and old dramas lose their hold.

Making Friends with Time

Many long for a spacious ease of being with time. Yet, we get caught up on all the doings of life and lose track of ourselves and the real pleasure available in daily life.

In this course, you will learn the Unification Process. Developed by Slavinski, the Unification Process builds on Deep PEAT 4 and can be used to resolve problems. More importantly, unification gives us grounded entry to the present moment.

For many, this present focused attention is permanent as they become aware that past and future are only constructs of the mind. Only the present exists.

Included in this training are integration suggestions for accessing greater creativity, becoming more established in present focused awareness and increasing productivity.

Unmasking and Untethering from the False Limited Self

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ C.G. Jung

In this training, you will learn how we get tethered to identities and idealized self images, the substructure of the false self. More importantly you will learn to untether from them. Untethering from such limitations will not only free your and your clients from longstanding personality habits, it will deepen your alignment with your real self.

You will also learn how integration of the limited false self can enliven your meditation practice, giving you ready access to a more transcendent awareness.

The primary method you will learn is the Integra Protocol. This technique was developed by Vladimir Stojakovic, longtime student of Slavinski, and a master teacher in his own right. Vladimir has also written an engaging book about his experience with Slavinski’s Spiritual Technology, Spiritual Technology, A Journey Into Oneself.

“I am very grateful for my experience in the supervision group with Melanie. I felt like I received valuable and useful information that I can use in working with others as well as with myself. I also appreciated the opportunity to do some personal work, which created some significant shifts for me. I would love to be kept in the loop for future opportunities.”

— Kathy Doyle, L.C.S.W., Lexington, KY