Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT) is here.

AAIT is an emerging and promising model of care that liberates us from long and laborious excavations into the past to effect change. With Foundations, students learn new and reliable methodology, we help our clients get free of reactivity and effectively neutralize the charged pain of their problems in minutes.


Our clients come to us in pain. They want to feel better, FAST. They want to achieve their goals and ultimately move into a greater ease of being in life, to live from their authentic true self. To help them, most of us aim for better, faster and more sustainable ways to impact our clients, to untether them from their pain. And THAT’S just why we got into this field in the first place, to HELP, to make a DIFFERENCE.

Yet, life gets busy and we toodle along getting CEUs, but not quite making the REAL difference we know we can make, we YEARN to make. That begins to chip away at our confidence and sense of efficacy. OR we start to burn out and just lose interest. Work, this thing that can fill us with a sense of purpose AND well-being becomes a drag. Ugh.

To have the biggest impact, most of us aim to increase demand for our work. This way, we don’t have to constantly worry about where clients will come from. AAIT practitioners impact clients in a way few therapists and coaches can. That gets attention, allowing clients to find you. As one participant said, “Expanded skills means expanded opportunity.”

Investing in a solid, albeit innovative paradigm launches you on an adventure guaranteed (seriously) to deepen your understanding and set the stage for your practice to blossom.

Using this trailblazing approach that gets reliable results, you will immediately set yourself apart. Equipped with the skills to help clients untether from their cloaks of pain and the automatic reactivity of the conditioned self, you will likely begin experiencing a deep satisfaction that comes from knowing you are helping real people make real change real fast.

We psychotherapists tend to have considerable doubt about letting go of old stand-by treatment strategies and interventions and try a whole new approach. That’s natural.

Yet, we live in a time of tremendous, fast paced change. Technology advances us overnight. In the same way, our healing arts professions are changing too. The needs of our clients are greater AND we have new technologies. It’s time we embrace that.

After more than 35 years practicing psychotherapy, I have seen a lot of practitioners become disillusioned while working HARD to make a difference.  I determined early in my career that I didn’t want to be one of them. Towards that end, I sought out training with master therapists and developed a comprehensive transpersonal model of care that supports spiritual well-being alongside personal growth, now known as  Acceptance and Integration Training®️®.

“Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of consciousness.” 

~ Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W.

AAIT™ FOUNDATIONS lays the groundwork for your successful practice of AAIT. By the end of our weekend workshop, you will be able to immediately use new, effective methods to help your clients. This will SET YOU APART from your peers as your clients begin making rapid change. Further, you will have all the support you need to fully integrate what you have learned into your current practice.


In AAIT™ FOUNDATIONS, you will discover how a PRACTICAL understanding of the principles can support your clients in shifting from the pain of the conditioned self to the TRUE self. These principles unfold in an easy session flow of five phases, giving a rhythm to the work appreciated by both practitioners and clients.


  • Principles, phases and theory of AAIT
  • Practices resulting in emotional regulation
  • Trauma care with AAIT, rapidly releasing long-held traumatic reactions
  • Shadow Integration giving the means to increase relationship satisfaction
  • How to turn on attributes to aid in realizing goals.

EVERYTHING you learn can also be applied for personal self-care. This PRACTICAL and integrative approach will guide you in providing rapid relief while shifting from the pain of the conditioned self to the TRUE self.

Just another thank you from me! All my available weekly sessions are full and I’m having to look at reorganizing, next steps and goals for accommodating the new women who are reaching out for appointments each week. If you’d have told me this a year ago, I’d never have believed it. My heart is full. So much gratitude for you and your beautiful work.

Sarah McNamara, L.C.S.W.

One of the things I LOVE about Acceptance and Integration Training Foundations is how you will come to understand this principle of AAIT™️ from the inside out AND learn how to use it to bypass client resistance and intellect.

On the first day, we will dive right into learning a simple but profound method for helping clients resolve reactivity and restore their state of being, empowering them to take hold of tending to their inner state.

A golden thread that UNITES the hearts of healing arts professionals is the delight of watching a client’s face when their face is free of pain and a “light bulb” moment happens. Imagine that experience almost EVERY session.

Witnessing what feels like miracles as clients get free from the bondage of their pain feels PRECIOUS. I know of NO other profession that feels this profound, no other profession where the practitioners GROW as we master the craft. How lucky are we?

Like many of you, I am dedicated to working in a way that allows for transformation with more frequency, more reliability and in less time. This dedication has driven me to study with master therapists in the U.S. and abroad since I began practicing in 1984. They taught me how to provide RELIABLE care that changes people’s lives QUICKLY.

These days, fewer and fewer people have the resources of time, interest and money to engage in the laborious excavations into the past to influence the present. Most of us want to feel better and more engaged in life SOONER rather than later. Our clients are no different. Acceptance and Integration Training®®️ offers exactly that. 

“Just met with teen client today who shared that our work last week using Deep PEAT 4 helped her to reconnect with someone whom she had not spoken to in months due to anger towards her! She said the anger was just gone! It was awesome to see the client so excited.”

Kara Logan, L.P.C.

Through observation, solo and partner practice, you will begin to experience the power in the flow of principles and phases as you learn the integration methods outlined below. These techniques were developed by my mentor, master therapist, Zivorad Slavinski.

By the end of our weekend together, you will be able to immediately and confidently use the methods below to help your clients (and yourself) resolve difficult problems and move towards goals with greater ease and confidence You will also have all the support you need to integrate what you’ve learned into your current practice.

Update About Virtual Learning

Despite the Covid19 health crisis, we are committed to moving forward with providing training that empowers practitioners help their clients make rapid, reliable and sustained relief from their pain. The truth is we all need that right now. 

We also have a deep commitment to community. We KNOW how much more fun it is to learn with a friend and we encourage you to do so!


AAIT™ Foundations workshops facilitated by Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W. are approved for 22.5 Continuing Education Hours. This includes the virtual training. 

Click here for a link where you can register for CEUs.

Had a really hard couples therapy session yesterday. Wife asked for a divorce from my client during a phone session. My client was of course distraught, dis-regulated, likely on the verge of a panic attack as we ended the call. Before AAIT, I would largely have been at a loss as to how to stabilize my client. We did Deep PEAT 4 with Us together / Us Apart. Breathing calmed to normal rhythm, bodily tension was gone. He felt a sense that he could move forward. Obviously, he has a long road ahead of him, but I think the work eased the weight of it substantially and kept him from spiraling in the moment.

Logan Mahan, L.M.S.W.



Price: $550.

If you sign up with a friend, you and your friend will each pay $525.

Sign up with a group of 4, each person pays $500.


April 23     9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

April 24    9:00 am to 5:00 pm

April 25     9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Follow Up Sessions

May 12     1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

June 9   1:00 pm to 2:00 pm


Virtual Training on Zoom

Facilitated by Bobby McNamara, LCSW

Please note, the training will start at 9:00 am eastern/8:00 am central/7:00 am mountain/6:00 am pacific

Follow up sessions will start at 1:00 pm eastern/12:00 pm central/11:00 am mountain/10:00 am pacific


I’d like to say “no questions asked”, but I’m curious and have a strong intention to do what I can to uplift humanity and help people wake up from the bad dream of who they think they are. If I’m not meeting that intention, I’d like to know how to better serve you. So, I would have questions. :-). Regardless, you have nothing to lose but your time with this 100% Money Back Guarantee.

AAIT provides a paradigm that will increase your sense of freedom, knowing you are empowering clients with understanding and skills that will serve them beyond their time with you. You will know how to help yourself   and your clients live with greater ease of being.