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If you are anything like me, helping clients get free from the pain and struggling that brings them to our offices is deeply SATISFYING. I got into this to make a difference. Not making a REAL difference is frustrating and can lead to a feeling of defeat when clients leave not much better than when they arrived.

But KNOWING I can make a difference, that’s rewarding.

After more than 30 years practicing psychotherapy, I have seen a lot of practitioners become disillusioned while working HARD to make a difference. I determined early in my career that I didn’t want to be one of them. Towards that end, I sought out training with master therapists and developed a comprehensive transpersonal model of care that supports spiritual well-being alongside personal growth.

“The non-dual space of empty consciousness is both an indication and mechanism of transformation. Cultivating an awareness of this territory contributes to present focused attention, increased compassion, decreased reactivity and skillful choices.” 

~ Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W.

One of the things I LOVE about this REVISED Acceptance and Integration Training Essentials Course is how participants will come to understand this principle of AAIT from the inside out AND learn how to use it to bypass client resistance and intellect.

On the first day, we will dive into the deep end of accessing and utilizing the non-dual space of empty consciousness as a mechanism and indication of change. And THAT, my friends, is what sets AAIT apart from other modalities.


It isn’t magic, but it sure feels like it, every day, every session.

AAIT is an approach that offers a means of helping clients feel better QUICKLY. We do this by collapsing psycho-emotional opposites through acceptance and integration of polarized tension.

Integration typically results in sustained relief from the presenting problem and greater clarity about it. Repeated integrations widen one’s capacity for compassion, present focused awareness and non-attachment while decreasing reactivity and contributing to more skillful choices.

The MAIN reason I think you will love this training is the intimacy of the learning environment. I COULD rent larger space to accommodate more people.  I CHOOSE the intimacy of being able to go deep and give individualized attention.

The flip side of this is that you might not have time to delay. Contact me. Ask any questions. Let’s prevent you from being in the spot where you want to do it but decide too late.

What will I cover and why does it matter?

First the why. Two main reasons:

  1. I’ve had GREAT teachers. At this point in my career, it’s time to honor them.
  2. Once you have experienced the result of integrated psychological states and the potential for WHOLENESS, I know I am doing what I can to forward the work of my teachers. There’s so MUCH MORE to share about these states and their value.

Now the what:

The principles of AAIT. 

This will give you a ground from which to understand the mechanisms of change that fuel this promising model. This understanding will enhance your practice of new, efficacious skills.

These principles present a model that challenges, and for some, upsets their understanding of how to BEST help their clients. Gone are the long and sometimes laborious excavations into the past that may lead to insight but not ready change. Gone are instructions to clients to engage in cognitive restructuring to feel better. Leaning into these new principles will guide you just as it does AAIT practitioners.

In AAIT ESSENTIALS, you will begin discovering how a PRACTICAL understanding of the principles of AAIT could inform your current practice:

  • Self acceptance is both a means and measure of well-being.

  • Taking responsibility for and tending to our inner state is the source of our freedom.

  • Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of consciousness.

  • Integration of two opposing states can alleviate psychological suffering.

  • The real self is not an object or the sum of a narrative. The real self is a being.

  • The non-dual states of empty consciousness are an indication and mechanism of transformation. Cultivating an awareness of this space contributes to increases in present focused attention, empathy, self-compassion and more skillful choices.

By the end of our weekend workshop, you will be able to immediately use new, effective methods to help your clients. Further, you will have all the support you need to fully integrate what you have learned into your current practice. 

You will become more at ease with the natural flow of a typical AAIT session, which includes these phases: 

  • Discover

  • Collaborative Agreement

  • Integration

  • Deliberate Embodiment Practice

  • Directed Awareness

Through observation, solo and partner practice, practitioners will learn the following integration methods. These methods were developed by Zivorad Slavinski and Ivana Tomanovich:

  • Basic PEAT (Slavinski)

Basic PEAT can be used to address a wide degree of problems including anxiety, mood lability, relationship issues, addictions and more. It is one of the primary tools of AAIT that can easily be taught to clients.

  • Ivana End of Words (Tomanovich)

Ivana End of Words (IEW) is a deceptively useful tool for disrupting distorted thinking, client resistance, and so much more. It is a great “walking around practice” for curating a steady state of being and can be used to fuel rapid change. You will learn to recognize and dismantle ruminative thinking and other cognitive distortions. Limiting beliefs and other perceptual tendencies fall away with this simple method. Imagine having a tool your clients can readily embrace to address negative thinking.

  • Pair a Day (Tomanovich)

Pair a Day (PaD) is a polarities inquiry that simultaneously uses and bypasses the intellect to realize and release tensions associated with the opposites in play. Beyond a deep and stable integration of psychological opposites, PaD typically results in an experience of the non-dual state of empty consciousness while resolving the presenting problem.

What makes PaD so special is its reliability and deceptive simplicity. It is based on a series of strategically designed questions. This makes it extremely thorough with long-lasting results. The structure reveals “hidden” aspects conflicts, leading you way past problem neutralization, to a very stable, sublime, spacious state of mind.

In short, you will explore the principles and phases of AAIT through observation and supported practice of the above acceptance and integration methods. The goal is that by the time you leave the workshop, you are equipped to practice what you’ve learned.

You will be able to:

  • Use three integration methods with yourself and your clients to resolve problems and transcend suboptimal states of being.

  • Contribute to steadier states of being as demonstrated by less reactivity, increases in present focused attention, compassion and skillful choices.

  • Support your clients in beginning to tend to their mental health as easily and readily as they take care of dental health.

  • Begin an exploration of how the influence of the principles and phases of AAIT can inform the care you provide.

  • Actively practice self acceptance and help clients do the same.

  • With continued practice, you and your clients will begin to think of suboptimal states and unwanted ways of being as pure GOLD for your spiritual and mental well-being.

I get texts like this regularly. My students get texts like this from their clients. I want that for you – regularly!


I have witnessed the results of this work in the lives of my clients and in the lives of my students’ clients. There are other reasons, reasons grounded in my history, stories for another time. For NOW, I’ll just leave it here. 

I think you will dig this program for MANY reasons, here are just a few:

  • Maybe you’ve been hearing some of the buzz about how different yet EFFECTIVE Acceptance and Integration Training is, this training gives you a rich experience that you can IMMEDIATELY put to use with yourself and your clients. 

  • Alongside like-minded professionals, you will learn psychologically elegant protocols for deep and sustainable integration of polarities. Integration typically results in rapid and sustainable problem resolution and a profound state of well-being. 

  • Having follow-up support has always made the difference for me with being able to implement what I’ve learned with a bit more confidence and ease. To that end, this program includes two follow-up group video consultations and access to troubleshooting through our Facebook group, insuring you will be able to use what you’ve learned.

  • The atmosphere of acquiring serious change skills in an intimate collaborative setting is both rare and precious. Imagine an environment that becomes a crucible of learning and transformation.  

  • Most AAIT practitioners find that this work distinguishes them, setting them apart with expanded expertise, creating more demand for your work.

As I said, I prefer to work in intimate group settings. This is DEEP work and I choose only to let so many people in the room. Occasionally, I close registration earlier due to the mix of folks in the room. Again, when you show up, you KNOW you will receive more personalized attention.


If NOTHING about what you are reading is interesting you, blessings to you and your good works. Carry on and join us on Facebook.

However, if you are practicing psychotherapy, coaching or spiritual direction and you are:

  • intrigued by what you’ve read so far

  • eager for skills that will make a huge difference in yours and your client’s lives

  • appreciate working the confluence of spirituality and mental health

  • understand that your skills and our profession are always evolving, and that evolving with our profession demands we keep learning

  • enjoy being professionally refreshed while gaining confidence in newfound skills.



$595.00 PAID IN FULL or two payments of $325.00 

BRING A FRIEND. I LOVE learning with a friend. 

Register with a friend and both of you receive a $50 discount.

$545 PAID IN FULL or two payments of $300

AND if you are a student – you are entitled to a full $100 discount  —

$495 PAID in full or two payments of $275

Fellowship Training Group participants

$395.00 PAID IN FULL or two payments of $225.00 

Past Essentials participants in need of a refresher

$297.50 PAID IN FULL or two payments of $162.50 


  • A list of more than 200 polarities that contribute to the inhibition of success, financial and otherwise. These opposites reveal the inner conflicts between you and success. This is of tremendous value to healing arts practitioners. Because when we resolve OUR conflicts around success, we can help MORE people. Success for lots of us means being able to help lots of people, to make a DIFFERENCE.

This comprehensive list of specific polarities covers the main areas of inner conflicts regarding success and money. From this treasure trove, you will be able to design a unique and personalized program. In this way, you will open yourself to higher states of awareness and FINALLY resolve the inner conflicts limiting your potential. 


You may have heard that I am committed to empowering my students to actually use what they have learned. To that end, my programs are designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to do just that.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Two and ½ days of practical instruction in a system you will be able to use personally AND professionally to help your clients resolve problems.

  • Month-long PRIVATE Facebook group for consultation with me and integrative learning to insure you feel confident to use what you’ve learned.

  • Step by step guidance ensuring your success with integrating what you’ve learned.

  • An accountability partner. For one month, participants are expected to meet with an accountability partner to engender the confidence you need to serve your clients with ease.

  • ALL training materials and checklists.

Still not sure? I offer a 100% money back guarantee. I’ve been in practice a LONG time, I know what works and stand behind what I teach, 100%. 

Have questions about this offer? Reach out to me at info@aait.solutions and let’s talk it through.

 I don’t want you to miss out because of some unanswered question!

Working in supervision with Melanie McGhee has changed my practice. Even after one or two sessions of using Acceptance and Integration Training, I see huge shifts in my clients’ behavior and attitude. Under Melanie’s sharp-focused, openhearted and optimally supportive supervision, I’m experiencing the wonderful feeling of knowing that I truly can help people. My only regret is that I wasn’t trained in Acceptance and Integration earlier. Think of all the people who would be experiencing deep and lasting peace if I had.

— Linda Goranson, Ph.D.