The subtle influence of shoulding

Have you noticed the subtle influence of shoulding in your life? If not, how can you expect clients to get better at recognizing this very natural mental pattern?
Maybe it’s something you think a friend should do.
Maybe it’s something you think you should do.
Maybe it’s something you think the government should do.

Whatever that should is, it’s robbing you of what’s available in this present moment, ease of being.

Imagine what life would be like if you got really REALLY good at easing yourself out of the should pattern of thinking. The stronger the should is the stronger the reaction is. However, even the tiny shoulds keep the pattern alive…like allowing kudzu in the garden.

What if you made this easy and fun? Like playing hide and seek with tendrils of thinking that threaten to consume the garden of your mind?

Discover the should.
Tell yourself to drop it.
Orient to the present.

Let us know how it goes