We are creating intentions all the time. Most of the time, we are not conscious of them. An
intention is like a whisper inside us, a whisper from the deepest part of us. We just need to hear our own heart’s whisper.
In reflecting on how your life is unfolding, you may gradually become aware of some
of the intentions that you’ve created that have been guiding your recent choices and life circumstances.

Take a moment to bring these recent intentions to your awareness. Quite simply, conscious intention is the determined focus of thought to create a desired experience.

One approach is resourcing. This helps us to access qualities and characteristics we admire in others and turning on those same qualities in ourselves and with clients.

What Intentions are you noticing?

When you begin work, projects, or other activities with a clear intention, this can facilitate an experience that supports you in actually manifesting that intention, creating what you want. Our intentions speak of the essence of the life experience that we wish to create. Intentions are one way of articulating what we are committed to and what’s important to us.

A friend of mine thinks of intentions as the beacon she creates time and again to illumine her life with clarity and direction, like a lighthouse.

Intentions are expansive. They have to do with the state of being you wish to bring to your life as well as what you hope to receive and give to a project or experience. There are no specifics, no measurable time or quantity limits such as you would find with articulating goals.

For some of us, intentions are like a quiet whisper, as delicate as a butterfly lighting on a blade of grass at the water’s edge. For others, intentions take the form of concrete and potent language. For still others, an intention shows up as a vivid image, through a poem or short phrase. An intention can take many forms, because it is both subtle and alive.

Whatever form your intention takes is perfect.

The best intentions give us a feeling of expansiveness. They feel like a big “YES” inside. For me, I find a slight smile creeping to my lips when I remember my intention, like I’ve got a secret deal with the universe.

How do you know when you have set the intention that is right for you? What forms do your intentions take?