As we head into PRIDE month, what if we took a beat to recognize the strength and courage it takes to stand in one’s truth of being in the face of oppression and adversity?
Deep bows.

What if each of us found and cultivated that kind of strength and courage and used it to root out unconscious biases, potential oppressive tendencies within ourselves?

If you are interested in going on a journey to finding your strength and courage, AAIT can help.

One approach is resourcing. This helps us to access qualities and characteristics we admire in others and turning on those same qualities in ourselves and with clients.

If you or your clients are wanting to find a more authentic stance of being, send them or yourself on a bit of a treasure hunt – finding moments in time, gathering snapshots of people who possess the qualities that would support them in their goal of authenticity. Then you can use Golden Shadow work to install and activate that quality. Top of mind response.

Maybe you have unresolved trauma from not being seen or being punished or bullied for being your real, true self. You can use the fingertip method to help yourself or your client land in the here and now instead of the there and then.

If you have gone on this journey already, I am so thankful for your courage. If you need some inspiration in starting your journey, imagine what might happen in our world if we found our way into greater acceptance of ourselves and others?