Stephen has been practicing spiritual direction for over 20 years. In his work with clients, he utilizes the powerful therapy methods of AAIT in order to chart a path back to the true, luminous self. As a lay monk (Celtic tradition), he incorporates contemplative practices (meditation and hesychasm). As a nature teacher, he also offers natural immersion practices (forest bathing, sit spots and solitude). He has an educational background in Anthropology and Creative Writing, as well as a Master’s in Religious History and Ancient Texts.

Stephen is enthusiastic about working with those who are “deconstructing their faith” or who find themselves “out in a desert wandering.” This can be a vexing time in life, causing anger, anxiety, confusion and distancing (from God and others). Having grown up in the throws of a “fire and brimstone” environment, he understands the difficulty of finding a path toward joy, acceptance and peace.

He also enjoys working with artists to chart a path toward greater creativity and help enliven their work and craft.

In addition, Stephen has a passion for working with fathers, enabling them to find deeper connection with themselves, their work, and especially learning how to have a profound presence with their children.

When he is not offering spiritual direction, he spends time being a dad, exploring nature, and also works as a director and teacher at Knox Forest School, that he co-founded with his wife, Sara. Stephen and Sara have three kids (Zoe: 7, Lola: 6, and Walker: 4).

Contact Stephen

Website: www.listentothetrees.net

Email: stephen.otis10@gmail.com

Phone: 865-776-6587