The Return to Oneness Principles and Practice of Spiritual Technology – By Zivorad M. Slavinsk


The Return to Oneness
Principles and Practice of Spiritual Technology

By Zivorad M. Slavinski


Introductory Remarks
Dual Universe: our fundamental playground
The Concept of Duality in Eastern and Western Thought
The Path to Oneness
Oneness and Opposites in Alchemy
Leonardo da Vinci on neutralization of polarities
Good in evil and evil in good
Systems, Methods and Techniques
Tantra and Hatha Yoga
Journey into Integrated Awareness
Fear and Love
Turning a problem
Healing into Wholeness
Tao of Chaos
Exceeding the self-image
Alchemical Meditation Ouroboros
Oneness meditation
Hammer or H.A.M.R.
The Symbolic Polarisation Method
Polarity Therapy
Polarities in NLP
Gestalt “Communication on the Pillow”
Psychology of dual brain
Marriage of Spirit
The Sedona Method
Flemming Funch: Integrating the Polarities of the Self
Two Brain Hemispheres
Ida, Pingala and Sushumna
Neutralization of Energy Polarization
Creation and Discreation of Subjective Reality
The duplication of experience
Three ways for the discreation of primary decisions (Alpha)
Spiritual Technology
The Basic Principles of Spiritual Technology
A holistic approach to the phenomena
The Alternating technique
Solve et Coagula
The principle of hologram
Duplication or recreation of unwanted experience
Spiritual Technology: systems, methods and techniques
Gnostic Intensive
Individual Gnostic Intensive (IGI)
Entities Processing
Entities work procedure
Filling the empty space
Expansion of the Being as light
Holographic Life Repair
Nothing or Nothingness
Sudden turn of states in consciousness and in body
Looking for the opposite state
Creating consciousness of polarization
Symbols of the deeper contents
The container and its content
The duplication of the decision of defeat
Pleroma and the Neutralization of polarities
Circular processing
On the importance of exact verbalization of primes
A list of Primordial Polarities
Fundamental polarities
DP2 (Deep PEAT second level)
The practice of DP2
DP3 (Deep PEAT third level)
Theoretical foundations of the DP3 method
Essential conditions for the successful DP3 process
How the integration is attained
The Stabilization
The opposition
Circular processing
Mistakes in the application of DP3
The Practice of the DP3 method
DP3 and Soul Retrieval
Application of DP3 on eight life dynamisms
The procedure of integration of life dynamisms
Past/Future Rundown
Space Rundown
Other applications of the DP3 method
Some observations on the DP3 process
Hui-Neng’s Platform Sutra
Fingertip Technique
Little Magical Method
Working with identieis
Elimination of identies
Fingertip method
Applications of DP3 to Unwanted identities
The creation of Positive Identitities using DP3
The Money game and how to play it
Identities and Acquiring Money
Identity of a successful person – using DP3
The Dynamics of Polarities
The Evolution in Processing
Levels of Consciousness and Processing
Polarization and Integration
Inner Magic ofWords
Ivana End ofWords (IEW)
The Procedure of IEW
Verbal Reduction & Expansion (VRE)
Things to Look for in this Process
Possible mistakes in the application of these two methods
Possibilities for Application of VRE
Shadow and its Integration
Shadow Integration: The Magic Mirror
Left Hand Paths and Right Hand Paths
The Caution with Depression
Duality in a session
The “Freedom For” and “Freedom From”
Permanency processing results
Spiritual honeymoon
On being a Processor
The Story of Two Friends
Paradox and humor in Spiritual work
Last word

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