Aspectics Gnosis of the Fourth Dimension – By Zivorad M. Slavinski



Goal structure and Chain Technique
Dynamics and the hierarchy of goals
The other side of the rainbow: Dynamic Emptiness
Preparations for the Chain Technique
The  Aspectics Process and the Chain Technique
The Chain Technique step by step
Observations and advice for practical work
Holistic Processing
Possible application errors in the Aspectics Process
Entropy and Syntropy
Two directions of movement: “What” and “How”
Aspects and their Integration
Energetic phenomena and the Aspectics Process
Solo Processing
The Chain Technique and hierarchy of ideas
Areas of application of the Aspectics Process
The experience of Gnosis and Aspectics
Aspectics and related ancient and modern teachings
The Soul Retrieval: The best and happiest part of me
Levels of Spiritual Maturity

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