Patricia Wharton is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC2).  She is also an Acceptance and Integration Practitioner, which is an insightful new method for working with addiction.  She is a dedicated and thoughtful counselor who works with people struggling with Substance Abuse.  Her goal is to provide an environment that feels safe and meets the needs of her clients.  Patricia believes in a client’s ability to establish and maintain a long-term recovery program.

Why choose Patricia for your counselor?  For one thing, she has 10+ years’ experience in the field of addiction.  She worked at Cornerstone of Recovery for approximately 7 years, a treatment center in Alcoa, TN.  Second, she is in recovery herself so she understands the needs and struggles of those with a Substance Abuse problem.  And, last but not least, Patricia is a compassionate counselor who is nether judgmental, pushy or prejudice.  She meets you where you are and provides the care you need.

Patricia provides assessments, counseling and A&D education.  She has recently started a program for those experiencing Nicotine Dependence.  She is familiar with the court system and the types of reports required for the judge.  She is aligned with Behavioral Health Systems as an EAP for Denso Manufacturing.  Patricia also accepts referrals from Substance Abuse Professionals who work with the Department of Transportation.  Patricia offers video online sessions to help those who cannot come to the office.

Patricia’s personal life includes a husband, two grown children with families, one grandchild (the love of her life) and another one due in September (so excited).  She has a dog who is truly her best friend named Tarzan.  She is a content person who likes to hike, walk, attend movies and take Tarzan to the park.

Please contact Patricia Wharton at 865-243-9293 to do a short phone interview and schedule an appointment. 

Contact Patricia

Email: pwhartonladac2@gmail.com

Phone: 865-243-9293