Raise your hand if you ever thought maybe you could do with some re-parenting?
Most of our clients feel the same.

Yet spending hours and dollars unpacking how our parents failed us, well…I don’t think many of our clients have those kind of resources. I’m also not super convinced of the real, long term, therapeutic value of such conversations.

Every one of us can claim being failed by our parents and could do with some serious re-parenting. Bob and Mary Goulding introduced me to the idea of reparenting, and beyond that, reparenting the parent. But that’s a story for another day.

Having addressed the very real pain of particular parental failings with AAIT, Miranda was game to go on a treasure hunt. On the lookout for 100% Awesome Parenting, on TV, in grocery stores, in the stories of her friends, Miranda identified numerous attributes she wished her parents had brought to the table.

Adept with a personal AAIT embodiment practice, Miranda set about reparenting herself with the treasures she found using a variation of Golden Shadow and Heart Swing. Increasingly liberated from the pain and consequences of failed parenting, Miranda discovered an inner strength and resilience she didn’t know was possible.

What attributes do you wish your parents brought to parenting? If you have children, what qualities do you want to bring to your own parenting?