Applications are now being accepted for the upcoming cohorts of the Fellowship Training Group. Dates will be announced soon.


Our clients come to us in pain. They want to feel better, fast. They want to achieve their goals and ultimately move into a greater ease of being in life, to live from their authentic true self. To help them, most of us aim for better, faster and more sustainable ways to impact our clients, to untether them from their pain. And THAT’S just why we got into this field in the first place, to HELP, to make a DIFFERENCE.

Yet, life gets busy and we toodle along getting CEUs, but not quite making the REAL difference we know we can make, we YEARN to make. That begins to chip away at our confidence and sense of efficacy. OR we start to burn out and just lose interest. Work, this thing that can fill us with a sense of purpose AND well-being becomes a drag. Ugh.

Learning a paradigm and skills in a rich supportive environment of like-minded colleagues simply cannot be surpassed by a weekend workshop on this or that here and there, just to insure you get your CEUs. Investing in a solid, albeit innovative paradigm launches you on an adventure guaranteed (seriously) to deepen your understanding and set the stage for your practice to blossom.

To have the biggest impact, most of us aim to increase demand for our work. This way, we don’t have to constantly worry about where clients will come from. AAIT practitioners impact clients in a way few therapists and coaches can. That gets attention, allowing clients to find you. As one participant said, “Expanded skills means expanded opportunity.”

Using this trailblazing approach that gets reliable results, you will immediately set yourself apart. Equipped with the skills to help clients untether from their cloaks of pain and the false conditioned self, you will likely begin experiencing a deep satisfaction that comes from knowing you are helping real people make real change real fast. 

By the way, in my experience, we psychotherapists tend to have considerable doubt about letting go of old stand-by treatment strategies and interventions and try a whole new approach. I get that. 

Yet, we live in a time of tremendous, fast paced change. Technology advances us overnight. In the same way, our healing arts professions are changing too. We have new technologies. It’s time we embrace that.

Therapists use AAIT to address issues such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bi-polar Disorder

  • Relationship problems

  • Substance Abuse

  • Grief

  • Trauma

  • Problems experienced by children and adolescents

  • Chronic Pain

Coaches use AAIT to help clients with:

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Personal Wellbeing, Life Fulfillment

  • Body Care / Weight

  • Chronic Pain

  • Relationship Satisfaction

AND, haven’t you kind of secretly wished someone would help you like you help others? This course is designed to support you in gaining as much personal as professional benefit. Like our clients, we too yearn to live from our authentic, true self. AAIT is a journey into that territory. I am convinced that THE best way to learn this is through an immersive experience.

I do hope you will join us. If you are intrigued or want me to hold you a spot, email me at

If those statements describe you, a year from now, you will be thanking yourself for participating in this advanced training.

Another reason to participate in this training is that what you will be able to use what you learn to help yourself become more conscious, present and empowered to liberate yourself from the ties that bind you to the false conditioned self. 


  • Help your clients build momentum as they embrace being empowered to address their challenges and stressors, contributing to expansions in self-awareness, compassion and present focused attention.

  • Increase confidence in your helping skills while empowering clients

  • Learn principles that will guide your therapeutic interventions and reignite your enthusiasm for engaging in meaningful work.

  • Think differently about how to effect deep and lasting change.


This is a ten-month immersive training program during which participants will:

  • Learn to create a crucible for transformation as they lean into phases of change that will give both practitioners and clients a familiar rhythm. The familiarity of these phases naturally supports the development and expansion of clients’ capacity for self-reflection.

  • Discover how leaning into these phases brings clarity, guiding clinicians when they have wandered into the therapeutic weeds. Through discussion, observation and practice they will discover the competencies, value, and ease of each phase.

  • Become skilled in several acceptance and integration methods through observation, partner and solo practice.

  • Engage in 13 FULL days of clinical training scattered over 10 months.

  • Participate 4 online learning and consultation sessions.

  • Gain clarity through study of these manuals and books included in your FTG

    • AAIT training manual and resource guide.

    • Return to Oneness

    • PEAT New Pathways

    • Journey to Oneself

    • Integra Protocol

  • Have unlimited access to me through our private Facebook group.

  • Engage with accountability partners with whom you will practice and enhance .

Understanding and applying these principles will transform your practice. Over the course of our months together, these principles will come alive for you. Not only will you see clients improving (typically in each session), but with this immersive training, you will gain a deep appreciation of a paradigm that effectively blends psychotherapy (or coaching) with spirituality. This synthesis creates an inner spaciousness in which problems give way to steadier and higher states of consciousness as goals become more readily attainable. 

In this course, you will acquire skills that reliably help people. With consistent results, you gain a stronger sense of efficacy in the change you facilitate.


In addition to several acceptance exercises, deep diving with the principles and phases of AAIT, participants will observe, practice and become confident in facilitating several integration methods including:

  • Basic PEAT. BP is a cornerstone tool for empowering and engaging clients. It is useful for addressing reactive stressors and many other problems. It is one of the tools that you will be teaching clients, empowering them to tend to their mental health and personal wellbeing needs.

  • Universal Process. UP is a reliable tool for problem resolution and the integration of universal polarities. It is a valuable addition to an empowering integration practice. You will also be able to teach your clients this method.

  • Deep PEAT 4. DP4 is a phenomenal method for problem resolution that has numerous other applications such as shadow integration and soul retrieval.

  • Deep PEAT 2. DP2 has ready applications for addressing cognitive distortions and ruminative tendencies.

  • Fingertip Method and other trauma release tools. FM is an application used to address trauma that generally takes less than ten minutes. Imagine how much you can accomplish for your clients with methods that work so effectively and efficiently.

  • Deep PEAT. DP is the crest jewel of my mentor, Savored Slivinski’s work. It releases layered problems in minutes without long drawn out explorations or revivification of original pains.

  • Aspectics. Aspectics leans into following a chain of content to the vast spaciousness of empty consciousness. On this journey you will come to appreciate the transformative power of emptiness as a change mechanism.

  • Gnostic Intensive and Sunyata Seminar. The Gnostic Intensive grants you the experiential understanding of life’s big questions – “Who am I? What is Life? Who is another?” etc. The Sunyata Seminar reveals the vast spaciousness of empty consciousness in the waking state. Though you will not be facilitating the Gnostic Intensive and the Sunyata Seminar with others just yet, these experiences will give you more complete understanding of Aspectics and Identities Integration.

  • Identity Integration. Understanding the role of identities and how to untether from them will enable you to make unimaginable strides for you and your clients.
  • AND much much more… I’m an L.C.S.W. with more than thirty years of experience practicing psychotherapy. I’ve studied psychodynamic therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Self-Acceptance Training, Redecision Therapy, Eidetic Imagery, Non-violent Communication, and Spiritual Technology. I’ve been mentored by masters.

Please note participants will earn (98) ninety-eight continuing education hours for completion of the Fellowship Training Group. (3) three of those hours cover ethics.

There is seriously a lot MORE here for you. It is my strong intention to give you everything you need to get started in experiencing the value of this approach, personally and professionally. Your clients come to you in pain. They want to feel better, fast. I aim to help you help them.

As I have benefited from the investment my teachers made in their skill development, I believe you will benefit from my decades of practice and study. Keep reading. I am the ONLY person in the United States trained to teach many of the methods of you will be learning. I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars to study with and be mentored by master practitioners, to know what I know. This may sound hokey, but it’s true. I KNOW we can do more as healing arts practitioners, the tuition of the Fellowship Training Group is a fraction of that cost.

Those who have studied with me know that I will go above and beyond to provide you with the resources to integrate and actually use what you learn. To that end, you will:

  • Have unlimited email access for troubleshooting, consultation and clarification. These group exchanges enrich your learning and elevate your understanding.

  • Work with an accountability partner with whom you can practice and enhance your understanding and skills.

  • Engage in embodiment practice so you will discover in your OWN LIFE, the power of AAIT embodiment practice.

If you are

  • happy with how your practice is going and you feel fulfilled in your work, this course may not be for you.

  • able to effect quick and lasting change for your clients and they are leaving most sessions visibly better, making consistent progress, you may not need this training.

  • not at all concerned about burning out or disengaging from a profession you thought you loved — you may not appreciate this course.

But if you are

  • interested in learning an innovative approach that can effect real change real fast, simultaneously revealing steadier states of being and higher states of awareness, this training course is a no brainer.

  • serious about developing your skills to become one of the most sought after counselors in your community, you will undoubtedly benefit from this training.

  • committed to acquiring skills that reliably help people and yearn for a sense of confident efficacy in the change you facilitate, your investment in this course is a solid next step.

To get the most out of this course, and fully participate, you will also receive learning tasks to complete on your own and with an accountability partner. This may take up to four or more hours per month. 


  • 13 days of training

  • Creating a Crucible for Transformation Manual

  • Numerous tip sheets and guidelines

  • Unlimited group email support for the duration of the course

  • Access to up to TEN short notice 10 – minute phone consultations with me

  • An accountability partner

  • Guidance for personal embodiment practice plan

  • Embodiment Practice guidelines that empower clients with a paradigm that will serve them beyond their time with you.

  • Access to private Facebook group

As a sweet little BONUS, I want to support you in YOUR self-care. As many helping professionals tend to be a bit challenged when it comes to this, you will receive a copy of my award-winning book, An Illumined Life, A Personal Yearly Retreat and Reflection Guide. 

Most helping professionals have money issues, sad but true. I will also toss in a FREE module for using what you are learning to dissolve issues related to money. 

I received some advice early in my career – “Get advanced training. Find a master and study with them. Forward the profession by standing on their shoulders.”

This was THE BEST ADVICE for a young therapist. Despite my concerns about money and time, despite being a young mother with two children in diapers, I joined a training group that required me to fly from SLC to San Francisco once a month. Investing in my professional development has given me a career that is deeply rewarding that will carry me into my sixties and beyond. My mentors worked into their eighties. I see no reason I won’t be able to do the same – WITH JOY!

I stand on the shoulders of giants. I am not giving up a weekend a month for 8 months to offer you my expertise because I need the money. I don’t. I have a thriving international practice.

I KNOW what I am teaching is RELIABLE and EFFECTIVE, more effective than any other approach I’ve encountered in my more than thirty years of practice.  I also know we NEED skilled counselors, coaches and clergy in these challenging times.

I am a life-long learner and have taken the development of my professional skills very seriously. Given my history, I am confident in my assertions about the value of this work. I’ve worked in psychiatric hospitals, community mental health settings, and private practice. I’ve taught on the adjunct faculties of two universities and one college. I’ve authored an award-winning book. AAIT is unlike anything I’ve encountered for creating reliable, deep and lasting change.

I’d like to say “no questions asked”, but I’m curious and have a strong intention to do what I can to uplift humanity and help people wake up from the bad dream of who they think they are. If I’m not meeting that intention, I’d like to know how to better serve you. So, I would have questions. :-). Regardless, you have nothing to lose but your time with this 100% Money Back Guarantee.

One more thing, if you have previously learned the procedures I am teaching, you are eligible for a significant discount.

AAIT provides a paradigm that will increase your sense of freedom, knowing you are empowering clients with understanding and skills that will serve them beyond     their time with you. You will know how to help yourself   and your clients live with greater ease of being.

If you are serious about making a BIG impact with your clients, I urge you to consider this advanced training. I am quite confident you will have NO REGRETS. However, if you’re not sure, contact me and we can discuss this offer


If you want to hear what others have said about working with me, be sure to visit Acceptance and Integration Training.


Will participating help on a personal level? In other words, will we apply the work to ourselves and each other? To make it financially viable, it would need to meet personal and professional growth goals.

Absolutely. The course of study is designed with the understanding that you will be practicing AAIT with yourself AND with an accountability partner AND with clients. During our training sessions, there are opportunities to work with me personally in addition to practice time with partners in each training session. Our strong intention is that in the course of our time together, you will become more and more confident in applying what you’ve learned personally and professionally. Also, we will discuss those times when you need the support of another practitioner to create and hold a “container” for your work.

What’s the constellation of the cohort thus far….other independent practitioners, licensed mental health workers, students, etc. Do most plan to apply the work in practice? How  many are in the cohort?

Most are other independent practitioners – some very experienced therapists, some not. Most groups also include coaches and spiritual directors. Our groups have also included other healing arts practitioners such as physical therapists and speech pathologists.

Each cohort is limited to 12 people. The groups typically have a waitlist. Though each cohort has been diverse in background, occupation, age, spiritual interests and sexual orientation, I look forward to our community expanding and becoming even more diverse.

Outside of the training days, how many hours per week of study and practice necessary? The expected time commitment outside of the listed training days and what will that entail….reading, writing, reflection, meditation etc?

Over time, you will be gradually increasing your embodiment home practice time for your personal practice. This generally means between 15 minutes and 30 or more minutes a day — 5 – 7 days / week.

You will be expected to practice what you are learning with your clients. There are guidelines for introducing the work and choosing who you will practice with, etc.

You will be expected to meet with an accountability partner twice a month for about an hour each time. Sometimes, accountability partners meet more frequently. Sometimes, folks want to practice or want help or will reach out and work with each other for practice. The group very much becomes a community of learning and support.

There will be some reading – not an overwhelming amount. Your materials are included in the tuition. This includes Creating a Crucible for Transformation, Journey to Oneself, PEAT New Pathways, and Return to Oneness. The more you study these materials the richer your experience will be.

Is there opportunity to grow into becoming a consultant and/or trainer and if so what would this entail? 

Absolutely. There is a training journey for those who want to continue their path with AAIT.

The training journey typically begins with AAIT Essentials. Though some jump right into applying for the AAIT Fellowship Training Group (FTG).

The next step in becoming a trainer is to serve as my apprentice for a year in the FTG. In this experience, you receive supervision, support and training aimed at preparing you to step into the role as a trainer. This route is open to licensed mental health providers.

Another route to becoming a trainer is to become a trainer of Curate Your State and AAIT Essentials. This route is open to those FTG graduates who are not licensed mental health providers.

Hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have other questions.

Justine Haley, L.C.S.W.,
Maryville, TN

I feel really fortunate to have had the privilege to study PEAT and AAIT. I cannot overstate what a transformative impact these simple, but profoundly effective tools have on one’s practice and life. I have found them to be far more helpful that traditional treatment approaches in promoting wholeness and psychological freedom, and reducing distress. And the transformation is surprisingly free of effort for most individuals; after a piece of work, things simply FEEL different and easier, and further positive growth and change tend to naturally follow.

I’m really grateful to Melanie McGhee for sharing her expertise and offering training so that these valuable ideas and techniques are accessible, especially in this region. I believe this work is an excellent investment in personal and professional transformation. A great surprise discovery: experiential spiritual development naturally follows the work, and is much more than just a by-product of it. Thank you so much for sharing, Melanie!

— Justine