During individual sessions with me you can expect a partnership in which we work together to release pain so you can live more fully in the present. We all have layers of content, thoughts, memories, stories, psychological wounds, along with differing and sometimes contradictory identities that can cause us everything from discomfort at the least to deep depression and pain. Our sessions focus on integrating, thus liberating you from that content without rehashing your past. We do this through acceptance and integration.

Typically, once a problem has been integrated, it ceases to be a bother; the more psychological content one integrates, most you experience a gradually expanding sense of wholeness. Over time, clients typically find themselves less reactive, more present focused in their attention with a greater capacity for empathy and compassion.

The goal, for me is to help clients heal from psychological pain while contributing to spiritual well being. Many clients describe a gentle lessening of their grip on the ego as they shift identification away from their idealized self image to their real self. As Dick Olney would say, “they are waking up from the bad dream of who they think they are.” 

This goal is achieved through the realization of other, seemingly smaller, therapeutic goals. 

The belief underlying my work is that within and permeating each of us is Consciousness. My work is a means to help you cultivate a steady state of peace so that you can become more AWARE of that Consciousness. This work and your Embodiment Practices leads to an empowering recognition that you have the keys to your FREEDOM.

I work primarily with therapists who are experiencing depression, anxiety or relationship problems. I do have clients who are not therapists, if you are not a therapist, don’t hesitate to give me a call and let’s explore if our working together is a good fit. 865-384-4104. Skype sessions are available.