Brittany A. Tipton is a Knoxville based Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience.  Over 10 of those years have been spent in the Medical field as a counselor and advocate for people dealing with serious medical diagnoses.  Now, Brittany is providing counseling with an expertise in health related trauma, grief and caregiving issues. Brittany is passionate about supporting professionals in the medical field as well, due to the common experiences of trauma resulting from their great work.

Specific Practice Areas of Focus Include:

  • Traumatic births experienced by both mother and father

    • Grief due to loss of someone loved

    • Grief due to loss of prior functioning

  • Difficult diagnoses and procedures

  • Experiences resulting in a fear of death

  • Vicarious medical trauma experienced by medical professionals including doulas and other birth professionals

  • Vehicle Accidents

Brittany is also focused on serving those with Generalized Anxiety, Professional Growth goals and Spiritual Development.

Brittany provides a space of care and holds true to a deep belief in human dignity and worth for all of us.  Brittany has a history of working with all ages, including children 5 years old and older. Work can be done both virtually and in an office setting.

Brittany has been trained in various types of therapy, but due to the effectiveness experienced personally and with clients, Acceptance and Integration Training®, is the main modality utilized in therapy.

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Website: www.BrittanyATiptonLCSW.com

Phone: 865-617-0131