• Are you looking for strategies to help your clients (and yourself) feel better faster?

  • Do you LOVE empowering clients with something they can hold onto, a solid reliable practice?

  • Do you and your clients enjoy getting predictable results that also result in spiritual wellbeing?

Acceptance and Integration Training® (AAIT) is a highly effective approach for the treatment of trauma, mood disorders, addictions, relationship issues, grief, goal achievement and MUCH more.

Free of narrative explorations, AAIT efficiently guides our clients through a five-phase framework that effectively eliminates the tension of charged psycho-emotional content in minutes without laborious excavations into the past or oversimplified intellectualization.

Please join us for an informal conversation to learn more and DISCOVER if this approach is right for you and your clients.

These small group informal conversations last between 30 and 60 minutes. Invite a friend, grab a cup of tea and join us.


Available Dates:

Thursday January 7, 2021 ~ 5:30 PM EASTERN

Monday January 11, 2021 ~ 12:00 PM EASTERN