The Cornerstone of Recovery in Tennessee wrote a great review of the AAIT model. Click here to see what they had to say!

“Melanie I just want to share with you that I feel the happiest I have felt in many years if not forever excluding getting married and the birth of my children. I definitely will take credit for the work, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance in my journey. I know I have to continue to work to keep this momentum going and I’m dedicated to living a life of bliss.” 


“I’m getting just what I need. I’m really happy and loving the content of this training. It’s transforming my practice. For the first time ever, I feel like I can be not just a good therapist, but a great therapist and really transform people’s lives.

~ Justine Haley, L.C.S.W.  Maryville, TN

“Working in supervision with Melanie McGhee has changed my practice. Even after one or two sessions of using Acceptance and Integration, I see huge shifts in my clients’ behavior and attitude. Under Melanie’s sharp-focused, open-hearted and optimally supportive supervision, I’m experiencing the wonderful feeling of knowing that I truly can help people. My only regret is that I wasn’t trained in Acceptance and Integration earlier. Think of all the people who would be experiencing deep and lasting peace if I had.”

~ Linda Goranson, Ph.D. Evanston, Illinois

“Melanie provided a supportive and safe space to learn during the workshop.   As an instructor, she was organized and structured while, at the same time, responsive, open and spontaneous to arising needs.  The training itself was profoundly transformative on a personal level From the training, I knew enough to begin offering this to my clients right away. I especially appreciate the follow up Master Classes and coaching phone calls. These are an invaluable support to refine my skills and integrate the techniques into my private practice.”

~ Mary Roberson, Ph.D.  Oak Ridge, TN

“I am very grateful for my experience in the supervision group with Melanie.  I felt like I received valuable and useful information that I can use in working with others as well as with myself.  I also appreciated the opportunity to do some personal work, which created some significant shifts for me.  I would love to be kept in the loop for future opportunities.”  

~ Kathy Doyle, L.C.S.W.  Louisville, KY

“It was phenomenal studying under you.  By far, this group represents my most beneficial training experience.  You were open, approachable, and responsive to everything that came up, and I learned a lot from the presence you modeled as a clinician. This training was an excellent experiential review of the group experience, and it provided me with more tools that I can walk away using than any other training I have done.” 

~ Landen Saffles, L.C.S.W. Ft. Campbell, KY

“Melanie, the work you are offering can last a long time, as it is very rich. What a great opportunity to do this work in the world as it is now.” 

~ Danielle Soleillant, psychotherapist. Paris, France

“During the 10 plus years that I have known Melanie McGhee she has exemplified a model of inner peace for those around her.  Her calm demeanor and quiet, measured approach creates a space that allows you to connect with yourself.  You are able to explore your life, your dreams and your connection to God and the Universe in an atmosphere of acceptance.   At the same time, Melanie encourages you to move forward to confront the issues which block your inner peace by quietly challenging you to look deeper.  I have found her guidance and support enormously helpful during those times when I have lost sight of my inner peace. I consider Melanie and PeaceFruit a personal resource as well as a resource for my clients.”

~ Linda Pucci, Ph.D. Maryville, TN

“I recently had the rare opportunity of having my very own private and personal spiritual wellness and growth retreat for an entire weekend with Melanie!  It was fun, engaging, soulful, tearful, powerful and ‘eye-opening’ as well as ‘heart-opening.’

The retreat aligned me with new possibilities that are both practical and very deep.  I felt safe and so very cared for.  Melanie took over with such ease and quiet certainty that all I had to do was be present and open and willing. Our time together unlocked inner reservoirs of strength and awareness.

As time has passed following the retreat, I have been feeling more grounded in myself and in my relationships with others.  I feel that this ‘unlocking’ will lead to a self confidence and self love that comes from simply ‘being’ rather than merely ‘doing,’ helping me to feel more at ease in myself and to ride with the waves that life presents rather than fighting the current and swimming against it, as often happens with me.

So thank you, Melanie!  I highly recommend this experience to others.  It is truly a turning point and the beginning of a process that I know will continue for the rest of my life.”

~ Dr. Anna Hayward

“Melanie has become one of my most trusted resources when I need support for challenging situations.  Having known her as a teacher, personal coach and therapist, I have experienced profound and life-changing breakthroughs with her steady guidance.  Most importantly, I have made tremendous progress in overcoming a life-long panic disorder.  Working with Melanie has been remarkably empowering for me.  She has given me practical tools that I can use daily to take charge of my emotional healing process.”

Lisa J. Mitchell. Author, Sacred and Delicious

“Melanie’s counsel and gentle spirit helped me deal effectively with issues that presented major challenges for me.  I have continued my relationship with her, always knowing that she is available for guidance on my personal relationships, professional life, and future endeavors.  She has the ability to maintain her professionalism while ensuring that I know that she values me as a person, not just as a client.Melanie is a wonderful psychotherapist. She has the unique ability to see many sides of an issue that is often viewed as “one-sided” by her clients, and share that global perspective while still respecting her clients’ concerns. She researches new technologies and opportunities and shares ideas and suggestions.  She encourages me to try new things and not worry about or be afraid of the success or failure–just value the journey!”

Judy Jones

“Melanie is Grace incarnate.  She will help you become who you already are, and you will be so much wiser for it! Overly poetic?  Maybe.  But true nevertheless.”

Gary Gray, M.B.A.

“Upon a friend’s recommendation I enrolled in a course Melanie was teaching titled ‘Living with Intention.’ I have continued seeing Melanie off and on over the years since that first course.  I have had the opportunity to benefit from her private one-on-one therapy and coaching sessions, her group classes, her awesome retreats, and my husband and I benefited from meeting with her for couples counseling.

Melanie’s priorities are always clear.  She is focused and dedicated to helping her clients. She is very good at what she does.  Melanie helps people identify their needs then practices the best strategies for intervention.  She is encouraging, supportive, as well as straightforward and honest.  Her interactions are always sincere and compassionate.She is obviously dedicated and committed to her work.  

One of her many attributes is her willingness to seek new intervention therapies and new avenues to provide her services.

I highly recommend Melanie McGhee to you without reservation.”

Susie Robertson, Ph.D.

“As Melanie settles into a presence with her clients she brings calm waters to the restless lake in which they seek to see themselves more clearly.  It is not only her techniques and skills, which she has certainly honed through many seasons of professional experiences, which assist navigating the depths of personal growth but her dedication to being wholly present with her clients.  I feel blessed to have had the experience of witnessing her work of joy and joy at work in teaching others to sow seeds of personal peace which bring forth the fruits of richer relationships and authentic happiness.”

Michael Carter, Ph.D.

“Not only am I back to myself.  I’m better than I ever was!”

Karen Billingsley

“Thank you Melanie for this teleclass.  It was congruent for me in making the connection from our Fall Retreat and the book I enjoyed.  I do so enjoy giving myself the gift of exploring my innerness, but many times need some new lenses in how to look inside me. Thank you for new lenses!

The retreats and courses I’ve taken with you have given me a safe framework to explore so I can see myself better.  By my caring for and clearing me, I am able to care and be of greater service to others AND be ALL of my potential!  Thank you!”

Kathy White, P.T. Feldenkrais Practitioner, Knoxville, TN

“I cannot tell you what an amazing time I had yesterday – I woke up today to work on reflecting and the fullness I feel inside I have never felt before – I am very interested in doing another retreat! Thank you for such a wonderful and engaging retreat.”


“Clearly, there are many benefits I experienced in this course.  I will take tools with me that I know will bring direction and clarity — better skills to communicate and moving towards realizing my ‘Essence.’ I feel like a monarch butterfly.  Melanie, you are brilliant!

Thank you for being you.”

Suzi Elledge, Edisto Island, SC

“This was a fundamentally NEW experience for me.  I felt myself opening throughout the day.  I experienced a significant reduction of anxiety, feeling self conscious and guardedness.  

I felt an increased sense of ONENESS, of ease and lots of skills and tools I can use for self-care.  Please offer again.”

Daphne Cain, L.C.S.W. Knoxville, TN

“I’ve really been enjoying our sessions. You are such a gifted therapist and guide. Can’t wait for our next “skype” session!”


“I have been studying with Melanie and benefitting from her guidance since March of 2016. AAIT has benefitted me personally by helping me in ways that aren’t always easy to describe, but one way I feel it is as if the “wrinkles” in my self-foundation are being smoothed out. I have been steadily becoming more settled and comfortable with myself, strong and consistent in myself care, and more transparent about my vulnerabilities.”

-Sara Rider, L.C.S.W.

“I am feeling more confident including Mindset in EVERY meeting no matter what. I have never been able to get through this much information with a person before, and it’s incredible.”
-Lauren Startup, MIndset Coach

“Professionally, this has started and accelerated my career.”

Flo Paquet, MSW

“I have to tell you that on today’s call your name came up over and over again. As more and more people are learning about – and getting trained in – AAIT, the possibilities for where they could go not only with their clients, but with their business, are expanding. New ideas are forming, and a new way of serving is definitely on the rise.

So thank you for this, and thank you for all that you are doing to make such an enormous difference in the world.”

Much love,


“After taking Curate Your State, I gained an attention to routine and daily practice that comes from a place of deep love, rather than an external “should”. Oh – and learning to give and especially receive loving-kindness. That practice was vital to me. My sense of self is stronger and brighter and I have much less difficulty understanding my own power, value, and connection to everything.”


“AAIT remains the most revolutionary experience of my life, the heart of my practice, and the cherry on the cake! Melanie, I love and honor you as my teacher and have gratitude for your steadfast compassion and inspiration to keep striving with WILLING ACTION!!” 

-Sara Ridner