What is Curate Your State™?
Using the power of technology, a small group will gather virtually and dive into discovering the means and mechanisms of cultivating a more satisfying state of being. 
We ALL experience circumstances and encounters that rob us of inner steadiness. Yet, these same encounters can become doorways to a more steady and higher state of consciousness, more aligned with who we are, not just who we think we should be and who we think others think we should be.

“On a low level of consciousness there are no solutions and on high level of consciousness there are no problems.”

~ Roberto Assagioli

This course is a luscious introduction to the personal practice of Acceptance and Integration Training.


Life has a way of distracting us:

  • we can have the highest regard for our people yet don’t consistently treat them in ways that reflect our caring for them

  • some circumstances demands our attention and we get tangled up in stress and tension

  • any number of stressors take us off course, and before you know we are wound up in limited ideas about ourselves, others and life.

In addition to learning skills, we will focus on becoming established in a deliberate practice. The heart of practice is embodiment, taking the time to engage in self inquiry, discover points of tension, resolve them through one of the methods you will learn in the course and settle into the spacious awareness associated with non-dual awareness.

Participants will be expected to attend each session (2 – six week sessions) and devote 30 – 45 minutes to daily practice at least 6 days a week for the duration of the course.

The intention is for participants to become established in habits that support the curation of more satisfying, steadier and elevated states of being.

Before you know it, we are trudging along on a path and wondering how we ended up snagged in what can feel like a mental and emotional briar patch.

In this course, you will learn to liberate yourself from this tangled energy and RESTORE your state to a more satisfying state of being. Typically, such states reveal previously unseen solutions and contribute to decreased reactivity, increased compassion and more skillful choices.


  • An exploration of the principles and phases of Acceptance and Integration Training will give you a ground for creating a crucible of transformation that will support your practice.

  • Efficient self-inquiry for discovering sources of tension inhibiting your state

  • Several techniques to neutralize this tension

    • Meditation

    • Basic PEAT

    • Universal Process

    • Deep PEAT 4

    • Ivana End of Words

    • Little Magical Method

    • Sunyata Shavasana

    • Movement awareness

    • Recognizing and integrating the shadow

One of our sessions will be devoted to the Gnostic Intensive – opening doors for you to experience who YOU are, what LIFE is, and what OTHERS are.

The cumulative impact of learning and USING what you learn will give you the conviction of KNOWING you can curate your own state of being. You will discover the power in this and other AAIT principles, “Taking responsibility for and tending to our inner state is the source of our freedom.” 


I am so so excited to share this. Over these past few years, I trained enough people to KNOW that we ALL have what we need to cultivate steadier and higher states of being. Why would we not do that? Life is so very precious and so very short. Isn’t it time to experience the beauty and preciousness of it?

We all allow our appreciation for our people and our lives to slip away in the charged tension of life’s demands. What if you knew how to walk your journey with greater ease of being? How might that change things for you?

Life seems to flow over so many of us with all its ups and downs while we are tossed about in the churning. Instead, we can USE these very natural life challenges to become established in a state that is closer to who we really are.


If you are drawn to discover and cultivate a more satisfying state of being

AND you are willing to engage in deliberate practice for the duration of our course

AND you will join us for the course sessions, including the retreat . . .

If you are curious but not willing to devote the time to deliberate practice, this may not be the time for you to join us.

“Personally, when I first started working on myself, I found it very depressing, making it an uphill battle. I would get down on myself or not being enough ‘insert word here’ enough. After doing some work surrounding shame, the fear of sitting with myself dissipated. I still get out of routine when life gets busy, but I no longer shame myself when I come back to it. This makes self-work so much more enjoyable.”

Monica Politte